• Excerpt from Chungliang Al Huang’s international bestseller Embrace Tiger, Return to MountainChungliang
  • Click here What is Taiji Quan for an article which provides some historical background, as well as information about the health benefits of Taiji.
  • Click on this link for the list of postures of the Yang-style Taiji Quan set (85):
  • You will find some information about course content and structure here: Taiji courses
  • Wade-Giles or Pinyin : a clear and interesting explanation of  why Taiji Quan is sometimes spelt as tai chi chuan and qi gong as chi kung.
  • “Nothing that is done mechanically has significance,” says Julian Edge.
    I feel this to be true in all areas of life, and especially in Taiji.
    I hope these excerpts from Waysun Liao’s book help start a process of reflection on the meaning of concentration and coordination in Taiji. Just click on this link: Concentration Development by Waysun Liao
  • It is a well-known fact that one cannot learn Taiji, or any other martial arts for that matter, from books or videos. However, a good video can sometimes be a useful tool.
    A website like YouTube has thousands of Taiji videos. As the style that we practise is the traditional Yang Style 85 Taiji Quan, this probably reduces the number of relevant videos to several hundreds. Within this style, we then have to remember that there are many different schools, and watching videos at random can be terribly confusing to the student. Besides, we also need to remember that if some videos are excellent, some are definitely not worth watching.
    So, with a view to making your search easier, here are the links to what might well be the best YouTube video that you can hope to find. It is the style that you are currently learning with me, and the style that I will be learning forever.
    There are three videos which together show the whole set: (PART 1, 7:53) / (PART 2, 8:19) / (PART 3, 6:53)
    This lady is Tashi (扎西: Zhā Xī), a disciple of Zhao Bin, the father of Zhao Youbin, my teacher. Her form is very beautiful. When I watch her, I am humbled, and I realise more than ever that learning Taiji is a journey, not a destination. And the secret of the art is all contained in one single word: practice.
    There is also a beautiful video of Mr Zhao Youbin himself doing the form at: can say without hesitation that you do not need any other video!
  • Click here for information about Zhan Zhuang: zhan zhuang

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