The Way of Non-Force

On 20 and 21 October, Frederick Behar & Lucy Gardner held a Taiji and tui shou workshop in Podgorica (Montenegro).
The workshop covered techniques for pushing hands with the minimum force necessary. Working in pairs, we explored various exercises from which we learnt key skills such as:

  • adapting to,  and following a partner
  • pushing with a force of less than 2kg
  • finding the most effective direction for pushing and pulling
  • using “Dong Jing”, the energy of understanding a partner’s 

Part of the workshop was devoted to flexibility and mobility training. These aspects are important for both Taiji and push hands, and regular practice will ultimately enhance one’s skills in partner-work as well as one’s solo Taiji form.

Fred Behar’s “Way of Non-Force” follows the principles advocated by the Taiji Classics.
We never meet force with force. If a partner resists – we change tactics. In this way, push hands becomes an interesting physical and mental challenge in which men and women of any age can participate with confidence.

The workshop was extremely well received. We were all greatly impressed by Fred and Lucy’s relaxed and friendly, yet highly professional manner, as well as by the clarity of their instructions and demonstrations.
It was a privilege to be taught by people who devote their life to their art and apply its principles moment by moment.
Thank you both.We look forward to learning from you again.
Meanwhile, we’ll keep practising!

About John Rogers

In short, I'm a Taiji Quan practitioner looking to generate interest in, and enthusiasm for Taiji in as many people as possible in Montenegro and neighbouring countries.
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