Our club has a new President

Dear Taiji Friends,

The year before last, at the end of December 2015, I announced my intention to step down as President of our club. I had been in that function since the very beginning, and it was high time someone else took over.

In healthy clubs, just like in healthy democracies, elections should be held on a regular basis.

It is for me a great pleasure to announce that our Executive Committee has unanimously voted for Ms Lida Vukmanović-Tabaš.

In other words, Lida is now the new President of the Zhao Youbin Taiji Quan Club of Montenegro.

I wish to congratulate Lida on her nomination. We all know how committed she is to teaching Taiji and Qigong and to making these wonderful arts more widely available.

Let’s all wish her the best of luck and continue to give her as much support as we can.



About John Rogers

In short, I'm a Taiji Quan practitioner looking to generate interest in, and enthusiasm for Taiji in as many people as possible in Montenegro and neighbouring countries.
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